Will Ospreay

Callum Newman: Will Ospreay Kept Me In School & Wrestling

Callum Newman wouldn’t be a wrestler if not for Will Ospreay. The Englishman has had ...

Hamish Woodward

Will Ospreay Awarded 39th Five-Star Match Rating

Will Ospreay just keeps putting on five-star matches. The English wrestler may have lost to ...

Hamish Woodward

Will Ospreay Has The Most Five-Star Matches In History

Will Ospreay is undoubtably one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. Despite being just ...

Hamish Woodward

Every British Champion In AEW History

AEW have welcomed a host of British wrestlers into their company since being founded in ...

Hamish Woodward

Will Ospreay Was Accused By Pollyanna As Part Of Speaking Out

One of the biggest names accused as part of the Speaking Out Movement was AEW ...

Hamish Woodward

Ranking Will Ospreay’s Best Matches In Wrestling (So Far)

One of the greatest wrestlers in modern times is Will Ospreay. The Englishman has helped ...

Hamish Woodward

Will Ospreay: WCW, AJ Styles & Spider-Man Inspired His Wrestling Style

While AJ Styles’ influence on Will Ospreay is well known, he was also inspired by ...

Hamish Woodward

Will Ospreay Hated His Match With Vader In RevPro

2016 was an odd year in wrestling. In the US, you had Roman Reigns dominating ...

Hamish Woodward

Will Ospreay: Adam Copeland Is A Different Animal, Wants To Face Him

Will Ospreay wants to face Adam Copeland in AEW, and thinks he is a “different ...

Hamish Woodward

What Happened To The British Wrestlers At AEW Dynasty 2024?

AEW Dynasty is the latest AEW PPV, and a number of British wrestlers will be ...

Hamish Woodward
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