British Wrestling’s Biggest Stars And Their Deaths


Hamish Woodward

British Wrestler’s Deaths

British Bulldog

As one of the greatest British wrestlers of all time, Davey Boy Smith is a legend of the ring. However, an injury in WCW caused an early death for the WWE Hall of Famer.

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Dynamite Kid

Dynamite Kid is one of the most influential wrestlers of all time. However, a back injury ended his career prematurely, and he died in a wheelchair years later in his home in England.

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King Kong Kirk

Mal “King Kong” Kirk died after being crushed in the ring by Big Daddy. His death was covered on nationwide news, and was a huge tragedy.

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Giant Haystacks

The death of Giant Haystacks was a sad one. He was being prepped for a match with Hulk Hogan, but illness ended his WCW career after just a few matches.

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Big Daddy

As Britain’s most iconic wrestler, the death of Big Daddy was felt across the UK. The legendary grappler died at the age of 67, and wrestling was never the same since.

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As one of the stars of promotions like ICW in the 2000s, Lionheart was a modern day legend of British wrestling. Sadly, cancer took him at the age of just 36.

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