The WWE Wrestlers You Didn’t Know Appeared In ICW

ICW is one of the biggest promotions in the UK, and has featured some of ...

Hamish Woodward

Mason Ryan Was Hand-picked By Orig Williams To Be The Next Welsh Wrestling Star

Former WWE Superstar Mason Ryan could have been the next big Welsh speaking wrestling star. ...

Hamish Woodward

British Wrestling’s Biggest Stars And Their Deaths

British Wrestler’s Deaths British Bulldog As one of the greatest British wrestlers of all time, ...

Hamish Woodward

David Starr: Speaking Out, Allegations & Ending His Career

One of the biggest names whose career ended thanks to the Speaking Out movement was ...

Hamish Woodward

Jimmy Havoc: Speaking Out, Allegations and AEW Firing

Jimmy Havoc is a legend of British wrestling that you probably haven’t heard about for ...

Hamish Woodward

Speaking Out: Every Wrestler Alleged To Have Committed Sexual Assault

A number of wrestlers were impacted by the Speaking Out movement, with many stars ending ...

Hamish Woodward

Ranking The Best Welsh Wrestlers In WWE History

There have not been many Welsh wrestlers in the WWE. However, the few that have ...

Hamish Woodward

Ranking The Best British Wrestlers In AEW History

While being an American promotion, All Elite Wrestling has had a number of British stars ...

Hamish Woodward

World of Sport (2018): What Happened To The Wrestlers?

In 2018, ITV broadcast a ten-part series of a professional wrestling show to be broadcast ...

Hamish Woodward


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