Zack Sabre Jr Has The Craziest Finisher Names


Hamish Woodward

Nobody in wrestling has as many finishing move as Zack Sabre Jr. And with them come the increasingly bizarre names he comes up with to call them.

While he claimed on AEW Dynamite last week that he didn’t have a finishing move, he actually has many. That is because he wins matches with a litany of holds, due to his mastery of technical wrestling.

Zack Sabre Jr defeated Orange Cassidy with an as of yet-unnamed move, where he tied him up by every appendage before forcing him to tap out.

You should expect the Englishman to give it a new name very soon, and expect it to be ridiculous. Zack Sabre Jr has given ridiculous names to his moves in the past, usually referring to things in the news, or some of his favourite bands or songs.

The most complete list of his finishing moves, and what they are named after, is down below.

  • Orienteering with Napalm Death – references a routine by English comedian Stewart Lee. He went to school with the band Napalm Death, and talks about orienteering with them as a youngster.
  • Hurrah! Another Year, Surely This One will be Better than the Last; The Inexorable March of Progress will Lead Us All to Happiness – The title of the 2004 EP by the band Youthmovies. Either they are a favourite of Zack Sabre Jr’s or he simply just enjoyed the absurdity of the name.
  • Article 50 – This is a reference to the part of the Treaty On European Union. The United Kingdom activated this treaty in 2017, formally announcing their intention to leave the EU. Zack Sabre Jr often references British politics in his promos, so this is not out of place.
  • Cremation Lily – An experimental electronic music artist which has professed to being a fan of.
  • Clarky Cat – One of many alternative names for a fake drug discussed by the spoof news/comedy show Brass Eye
  • Clarky Cat (Bad Balloon Remix) – A variation on the same move as above. It references a different segment from the same episode of Brass Eye, and is very similar to the previous finishing move.
  • Yes! I Am a Long Way From Home – A song by the Scottish alternative/post-rock band Mogwai. Before appearing in the Cruiserweight Classic, he called them “one of my favourite bands” in an interview with talkSPORT.
  • Tesco Meal Deal – A sandwich lunchtime meal combo offered by supermarket Tesco in the UK. It generally consists of Sandwich, a crisp and a drink, but can be personalised. Each shop offers their own meal deal, so we can assume Tesco has Zack Sabre Jr’s favourite offering when on the road. Thee shop even offered to sponsor him back in 2021.
  • Hypernormalisation – a Documentary by British filmmaker Adam Curtis, focusing on the increasing digitisation of modern financial systems
  • Barry From Eastenders – This is a reference to Shaun Williamson’s character Barry Evans from soap opera Eastenders. Barry famously married, and was killed by, Janine Evans during an episode in 2004. He became a meme in later years, even appearing in Ricky Gervais’ series Extras.


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