Will Ospreay

AEW and NJPW star Will Ospreay is one of the best wrestlers in the world today, and is on the way to becoming an all-time great.

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Zack Sabre Jr

The technical wizard Zack Sabre Jr has taken NJPW by storm in recent years, and is helping keep the British style of wrestling alive.

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Drew McIntyre

As Scotland’s greatest ever wrestler, Drew McIntyre made history as the first ever British WWE Champion, beating Brock Lesnar in 2020.

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AEW star PAC is one of the best high-flyers in wrestling history. Wrestling in the UK, USA and Japan, he is respected all over the world as a top star.

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Tyler Bate

The first ever WWE UK Champion is still young, but is considered a top wrestler all over the world. His bout vs WALTER in Cardiff is an all-time great match.

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Pete Dunne

Also known as ‘Butch’ in the WWE, Pete Dunne is one of the top UK wrestlers today and was a key part of British Strong Style alongside Tyler Bate.

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