Big Daddy

Shirley Crabtree wrestled under the name ‘Big Daddy’, and became the most famous wrestler in the history of British wrestling!

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Giant Haystacks

The 6 foot 11, 48 stone behemoth known as Giant Haystacks was hated across the country, as the arch nemesis of Big Daddy.

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William Regal

While drug issues and health scares tarred his career, William Regal may be the best wrestler never to become WWE Champion.

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Jimmy Savile

While most famous for television work and historic crimes, Jimmy Savile had a career as a professional wrestler during the Golden Age of British wrestling.

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Johnny Saint

Lauded as one of the best technical wrestlers of all time, Johnny Saint is a man who could escape from any hold and inspired wrestlers like Bryan Danielson.

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Marty Jones

English legend Marty Jones is one of the best wrestlers to ever come from the UK. Not only was he a fantastic technical wrestler, but he also trained William Regal!

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