William Regal

William Regal Says Chris Benoit Had “Nothing To Do’ With WWE Return

Legend has it that it was the Chris Benoit vs William Regal match that was ...

Hamish Woodward

William Regal Reveals He Wrestled Sami Zayn In Secret Last Match

William Regal revealed recently that his last ever match in his career was not against ...

Hamish Woodward

These British Wrestlers Should Be In The WWE Hall of Fame

The WWE Hall of Fame stands as a hallowed institution, celebrating the legends who have ...

Hamish Woodward

Why There’s Never Been An English WWE Champion

There has never been an English WWE Champion. That fact seems bizarre, considering the rich ...

Hamish Woodward

Saraya’s NXT Match Was The ‘Foundation’ Of The Women’s Revolution

William Regal has named Saraya‘s match against Emma as the foundation of Women’s wrestling in ...

Hamish Woodward

Ranking The 10 Best British Wrestlers Of All Time

The countdown of the best British wrestlers of all time is in, with the top ...

Hamish Woodward

William Regal wrestled with a broken neck for 12 years

William Regal wrestled for over 12 years with a broken neck, the former WWE King ...

Hamish Woodward


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