Zack Sabre Jr: I Knew Orange Cassidy Was Cool Ten Years Ago


Hamish Woodward

Zack Sabre Jr has been a fan of Orange Cassidy longer than you.

The English wrestler forced Cassidy to tap out in their match at Forbidden Door last night. The match showed some incredible technical wrestling skills, and both men pushed each other to the limit.

If you thought you liked Orange Cassidy, then calm down. You will never be as big a fan of him as Zack Sabre Jr.

He spoke to journalists in the AEW Forbidden Door 2024 post-show media scrum. ZSJ was asked about what his plan is going forward in AEW, title ways. He launched into a monologue about how great Orange Cassidy was, revealing his history with the AEW star.

“Obviously, this is my fourth AEW pay per view match, and my first victory.” Zack Sabre Jr said. “So I think going into this match, Orange Cassidy felt I was disrespecting him. But I don’t think there’s a wrestler in the world that respects Orange Cassidy more than me. I think anyone that knows my personality, or my taste in music and film, thinks that I’m a pretentious wanker, but I actually knew Orange Cassidy was cool way before all of you.”

“About 10 years ago, on the north-east indies. If I was on before Orange Cassidy, I’d be at the merch stand watching the match, losing my mind. The rest of the crowd were like ‘what is this maniac doing’. We’ve both wanted this match for a long time. I hoped that it would have happened last year, but It didn’t work out. Self-contained, to beat Orange Cassidy is massive for me. If there is anyone disregarding how talented Orange Cassidy is at pro wrestling, they’re a fucking idiot. So, it’s massive for me.”

Zack Sabre Jr then spoke about his goals in Japan after this show.. He revealed that his goal is to win the G1 Climax, and become a top star in NJPW. He doesn’t just want to be the top gaijin in the company, but the top wrestler, full stop.

“Not to disregard AEW, but for me, this i the beginning of my summer, and we have the G1 Climax in three weeks. It’s the most important tournament in all of pro wrestling. It has the biggest history and the continuity of quality.”

“My objective is not just to reach the top of New Japan as a foreigner, but reach the top. My motivation and responsibility is to carry New Japan into the future.”

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