Justin Sysum Quit Wrestling After World Of Sport Cancellation


Hamish Woodward

Fans of the 2018 World of Sport Wrestling reboot are probably wondering what happened to Justin Sysum. The wrestler from Gloucester was built up as a superhero, a top-class athlete who could battle anybody in the ring.

He showed his mettle every week on ITV. Beating wrestlers like Joe Hendry, Rampage Brown and Davey Boy Smith Jr en route to becoming World Heavyweight Champion, he seemed like a star destined for the future.

Then, it all stopped. World of Sport Wrestling was cancelled (although it was recently announced to be returning). Sysum wrestled on the WOS tour, mainly defending his title against Rampage Brown in matches across the country. He never lost the belt, and is still the WOS Heavyweight Champion, some six years later.

He did once team with Will Ospreay in a match in Northampton. The two stars teamed up to beat Iestyn Rees and Kip Sabian. However, both men’s career went in vastly different directions.

Will Ospreay is now earning millions as one of AEW’s top stars. Meanwhile, Justin Sysum wrestled just nine times after the end of WOS. He wrestled for Defiant, NGW and twice at Grado’s Big Family Wrestling Bash, winning and losing roughly equal amounts.

He also infamously spoke out about the formation of NXT UK. This was the beginning of the end for the thriving British indie wrestling scene, and Sysum was against the top talent in the UK joining the promotion. He vowed to “continued to build the UK scene into something to be reckoned with” in his controversial Twitter post.

That was written on December 5th, 2018. One year and two days later, Justin Sysum wrestled his last match against Lucas Steel at NGW Eternal Glory 2019. He hasn’t wrestled since then, and we have reached out to find out why he retired from wrestling all those years ago.

Justin Sysum Now Works As A Stuntman And YouTuber

With wrestling behind him, Justin Sysum has still remained as part of the entertainment industry. However, he mainly works as a stuntman, with some impressive credits to his name.

The former WOS Heavyweight Champion has performed stunts in some high-profile movies. Most notably, he worked on Matilda: The Musical, and is a part of the upcoming Gladiator 2. This is the sequel to Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, and is set to be one of the biggest movies of the year when it’s released.

This is huge for any stuntman. Sysum may have quit the wrestling business after a slight success, but he has certainly exceeded in the stunt world. With the chances of him becoming a star in WWE or AEW very slim, becoming a big name in the stunt industry may be preferable that being an indie wrestler in the UK.

He also appears to be living the “Van Life” (or at least was at some point in the past few years). Justin Sysum runs the “MotoringHome” YouTube channel and social media accounts. It shows his progress building his own motoring home from a van, as well as others doing the same thing in their lives.

However, his last video, posted two years ago, shows a tour of Justin Sysum’s garden. This would imply he does still live in a house, and that his days of travelling around in a converted van are now over. Hopefully, he can return to the ring one last time to defend his WOS World Heavyweight Championship with the upcoming WOS: The Return.


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