World of Sport

World Of Sport Never Showed Any Women’s Matches In Britain

Women’s wrestling has a dark and shameful past in the UK. Despite stars like Mitzi ...

Hamish Woodward

Why Greg Dyke Cancelled The Wrestling On ITV In 1988

It has been 34 years since Greg Dyke make the decision to cancel British wrestling. ...

Hamish Woodward

World of Sport (2018): What Happened To The Wrestlers?

In 2018, ITV broadcast a ten-part series of a professional wrestling show to be broadcast ...

Hamish Woodward

How ITV can make the World of Sport reboot work in 2024

Wrestling was taken off television in the UK in 1988, and stayed buried in the ...

Hamish Woodward

The forgotten World of Sport reboot failed to impress ITV in their bid for wrestling’s revival

ITV has tried to bring wrestling back into the mainstream numerous times, with the 2018 ...

Hamish Woodward


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