Luke Jacobs’ 5 Best Matches In His Career, Ranked


Hamish Woodward

Luke Jacobs is rapidly becoming one of the top young stars in British wrestling.

At just 23-years-old, he has become a favourite of the RevPro crowd. With his hard-hitting chops and deadly throws, he has drawn comparisons with WWE star Gunther.

The English grappler already impressing so early on in his career, there is seemingly no limit to how far he can go in his career.

With bouts against the likes of Will Ospreay, Michael Oku and KENTA already under his belt, let’s check out Luke Jacobs’ best matches so far.

5. JJ Gale vs Luke Jacobs – RevPro High Stakes 2024

This clash between Jacobs and JJ Gale has gone under the radar as a fantastic bout.

The bout was overshadowed by the Michael Oku vs Will Ospreay from the same event, as it was awarded six stars by Dave Meltzer.

However, Jacobs and Gale put on a fantastic performance, which was as hard-hitting as any bout you’ll see in AEW or WWE today.

It is the sleeper hit from RevPro Hight Stakes 2024, and one worth checking out on RevPro OnDemand.

4. Luke Jacobs vs KENTA – OTT Ninth Anniversary Show

This was a match that the young Luke Jacobs likely thought he’d never have. He fought against Japanese legend KENTA (Hideo Itami in WWE) in Ireland during one of OTT’s biggest shows.

The bout would not have looked out of place on a NJPW show. It embodied “Strong Style”. KENTA rolled back the years to his Pro Wrestling NOAH days, dishing out some of the most vicious strikes you’ll ever see.

Jacobs gave as good as he got, giving the Japanese wrestler one of his best matches in years.

3. Luke Jacobs vs Will Ospreay – RevPro Live in Birmingham

It’s unlikely you’ll find a current British wrestler who hasn’t got a Will Ospreay match on his list of best matches.

While this won’t touch the incredible list of Will Ospreay’s best bouts, it is still a wonderful outing between the AEW star and Luke Jacobs.

The bout has achieved mixed reviews from some fans, but it is undoubtably a fantastic mix of high-flying and hard-hitting action, making the most of both men’s strengths.

Definitely worth a watch.

2. Luke Jacobs vs Michael Oku – RevPro Summer Sizzle 2022

Hometown hero Luke Jacobs was welcomed with open arms in Manchester for RevPro Summer Sizzle 2022.

He faced off with Michael Oku, the young star who has taken British wrestling by storm.

While the bout did have some sloppy spots and upsetting botches, it didn’t matter. The errors added to the great story being told, with the cocky Oku doing his best to ruin Jacobs’ homecoming.

This was a star-making performance for both men. It is not just one of Jacob’s finest outings, but one of Michael Oku’s best matches as well.

1. Luke Jacobs vs Tomohiro Ishii – RevPro 11th Anniversary Show

While Will Ospreay vs Shingo Tagaki (featuring Chris Jericho’s first appearance in RevPro) was the main event of the 11th Anniversary Show, Luke Jacobs vs Tomohiro Ishii stole the show.

The Stone Pitbull is a legend in wrestling. He has been a big star in Japan for over a decade, with some of the best matches in NJPW history.

Jacobs is only at the start of his career, but held his own against one of the world’s best.

The crowd were incredibly into the bout, adding even more to the great match. The pair shared a similar in-ring style, which made for a fantastic partnership for the bout.

This hard-hitting and exciting bout is one of RevPro’s best matches of 2023, and one you simply must go out of your way to see.


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