Michael Oku’s 5 Greatest Matches In His Career, Ranked


Hamish Woodward

Michael Oku has broken out in the last few years as one of the top young stars of the UK independent scene.

The 30-year-old only wrestled his first match in 2017, but has quickly impressed in his development in the ring.

“The OJMO” has already had two matches rated five-stars by above by Dave Meltzer, and has won titles in RevPro, WrestleForce and even on the Jericho Cruise!

In admiration of his career so far, we’ll take a look at the five best matches from Michael Oku’s career so far.

5. Michael Oku vs Mike Bailey – RevPro Uprising 2021

In a clash for the Cruiserweight title, Michael Oku and “Speedball” Mike Bailey delivered a mesmerizing performance that left fans on the edge of their seats throughout – and for good reason!

Oku’s continued dominance as a top-tier babyface in RevPro was on full display, while “peedball’s return to the spotlight following a few years in the shadow showcased his undeniable talent and resilience.

Their twenty-minute showdown was a masterclass in high-octane action, with incredible chemistry and a relentless pace that left both competitors pushing their limits.

While it may have gone under-the-radar for many fans, this is undoubtably a hidden gem in the RevPro crown.

4. Michael Oku vs Luke Jacobs – RevPro Summer Sizzler 2022

In this electrifying showdown between Luke Jacobs and Oku, we witnessed a compelling narrative unfold amidst the backdrop of Jacobs’ hometown support and the OJMO’s villainous charisma.

Despite occasional sloppy spots and botches, the match showcased Oku’s mastery in storytelling and Jacobs’ (who has been called “The English GUNTHER”) undeniable connection with the audience. This helped make it one of Oku’s standout performances.

With moments of intense action and a thrilling finale highlighting Jacobs’ resilience, this match stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in professional wrestling, cementing its place among both wrestler’s best matches so far.

3. Destination Everywhere vs Aussie Open – RevPro High Stakes 2021

If you love fast-paced spot fests (and who doesn’t?) then this match is for you.

The tag team encounter between Aussie Open and Destination Everywhere showcased an exhilarating blend of athleticism and storytelling, earning its place among the finest tag team matches of recent memory.

With Aussie Open’s dominance early on countered by Oku and partner Connor Mills’ relentless resilience, the match unfolded with a gripping narrative that kept audiences on the edge of their seats.

Notable performances from Kyle Fletcher and Oku underscored the match’s intensity, while the seamless execution of intricate tag team maneuvers and the palpable emotional investment from both teams elevated this bout to near-perfection.

This helped secure its status as a must-watch for wrestling enthusiasts, and remains one of Oku’s finest matches.

2. Michael Oku vs Will Ospreay II- Rev Pro High Stakes 2022

While they had their first singles match the year prior, this is the first Will Ospreay vs Michael Oku match to make the list.

The young Englishman was relatively unknown outside of the UK indie scene before this bout. However, he kept up with the supremely talented Ospreay, despite defeat, in this incredible breakout match.

It featuered some huge spots, lighting-quick action and some incredible reversals that would be referened in their next match, two years later.

This match was awarded five-stars by Dave Meltzer, marking Oku’s first bout to achieve that rating in his career.

1. Michael Oku vs Will Ospreay III – RevPro High Stakes 2024

Two years after their last encounter, Oku and Ospreay pulled off one of the best matches ever in British wrestling history.

It was everything the first encounter was, and more. Both men had matured in the ring, showing fantastic chemistry as they built up this 47 minute match with apparent ease.

The bout was Oku’s biggest one to date, and he capped off a legendary six-star bout by forcing Ospreay to tap out to his single-leg Boston Crab submission.

This was the final match Ospreay had in the UK before becoming a full-time wrestler for AEW.

You can watch the highlights for the match below:


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