WWE Want To Sign Joe Hendry When His Contract Ends


Hamish Woodward

WWE want to sign Joe Hendry to a deal with NXT once his TNA contract expires.

The Scottish star has taken the wrestling world by storm in recent months. His parody songs mocking AJ Francis had fans in stitches. Meanwhile, a campaign to get him to the top of the UK singles charts proved very fruitful. He ended up number four in the top forty, an incredible achievement for a wresting entrance theme.

This achievement had WWE take note. Joe Hendry debuted in NXT a few weeks ago in a battle royal. He got a huge pop from a crowd who’d never seen him before. The incredible reaction, which included fans singing along to his theme song, have clearly drawn the attention of Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

They want to sign Hendry to a WWE deal as soon as possible.

According to Fightful Select’s Corey Brennan, the company want him to be a key player in their immediate plans going forward. Given that he picked up a win over the NXT Champion on TV this week, that one seems like a given.

The company also said, “Who wouldn’t?” when asked about if they want to sign Joe Hendry. It is clear they see huge upsides in the Scottish star. The wrestling giant wants to sign Joe Hendry to a full-time contract as soon as they can. This would be huge for the 36-year-old, who first game to prominence with his funny songs in ICW and WCPW in the UK.

Joe Hendry signed his TNA contract nearly two years ago, in September 2022. He returned to the company after a stint in Ring of Honor, and quickly became a featured player for the brand.

It is likely he signed a two-year contract with TNA back in 2022. If this is correct, then Joe Hendry’s TNA contract will run out in September 2024, allowing WWE to move in to sign the talented singing wrestler.


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