Ranking Joe Hendry’s Funniest Musical Parody Entrance Themes


Hamish Woodward

TNA star Joe Hendry has become a sensation in wrestling this year. His hilarious parody songs have taken the world by storm, with his musical abilities making him a star in wrestling in 2024.

Joe Hendry’s entrance music even made it to number four in the Top40 in the UK. His reach has grown beyond pro wrestling, with many thanks for that to his entrance theme parody songs.

Throughout his career, Joe Hendry has taken inspiration from Weird Al Yankovic, and made his own tunes to mock other wrestlers. Some of these are downright hilarious, and span from his days in ICW, WCPW and now into TNA.

We have assembled a list of the best and funniest songs of Joe Hendry’s. Let us know what you think in the comments, and tell us which one is your favourite.

5. “Across The Nation” Joseph Connors, WCPW

Kicking off this list is one of Joe Hendry’s classic parody songs. Making fun of both the song “Across the Nation” by Union Underground (which was the Raw theme song for many years) and his then-tag partner Joseph Connors, Hendry had the WCPW fans in stitches.

The lyrics of the song were nothing special. It was fairly generic Hendry-isms, saying how great he was in the parody. However, when it became time to sing the praises of Connors, then it became iconic.

At the end of the chorus, a weedy-sounding Hendry piped up with a less-than enthusiastic “and Joseph Connors”. This included what looks like a rushed job in Microsoft paint, showing Connors name in lowercase comic sands, next to a stock photo of the wrestler.

It was one of the highlights from WCPW’s first run. It was also many people’s introduction to Joe Hendry, which is why it has to be on this list.

4. “Higher” – AJ Francis, TNA

While it wasn’t used as an entrance theme, Joe Hendry’s parody of Creed’s “Higher” was a highlight of his feud with AJ Francis.

The Scot wrote numerous insulting songs. This included the hilarious “Cheez-it Champion” song, as well as a parody of AJ Styles TNA theme song.

However, the best was when Hendry sat in the ring with a guitar, and sang his heart out to the Creed classic. However, he swapped the chorus for the following incredible lyrics:

“Can you please get fired? Can we kick you out the door? Can you please get fired? ‘Cos it’s happened twice before!”

The final line is a reference AJ Francis time in WWE as Top Dolla. He was let go from his role in thee WWE in 2021, rehired in 2022 and fired again in 2023. While AJ Francis did not take it well, it became an all-time great segment for TNA.

3. “Divas Reject” – Dirty Dango, TNA

Fandango is one of the victims of Joe Hendry’s hilarious music videos, as he mocked the former WWE star’s troubled love life.

The song, titled “Divas Reject”, gives a hint as to Hendry’s plan of attack towards Dirty Dango. His song first tried to figure out how the former WWE went from beating Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 29, to being part of the “Fashion Police” with Tyler Breeze.

Hendry’s investigation discovered that Fandango’s failed attempt to bed WWE Divas Summer Rae and Eva Marie on “Total Divas” was the beginning of his downfall. It was a really funny reveal when he brought out the line “when he was trying to get laid on Total Divas”, and definitely one of our favourite of Joe Hendry’s song.

The song was first showcased before Joe Hendry fought Dirty Dango at TNA Against All Odds 2023.

2. “Edge’s Bitch” – Matt Cardona & Brian Myers, TNA

Joe Hendry’s song making fun of Matt Cardona and Brian Myers referenced their previous life in the WWE as “The Edge-Heads”. In 2007, they joined forces with the World Heavyweight Champion Edge. The pair dressed like him, and helped interfere in his matches as part of “La Familia”.

Before their match last year in TNA, Hendry wrote and performed the song “Edge’s Bitch“. It mocked Cardona and Myers for wanting to play with their action figures, rather than engage physically with their wives.

He said that, while Cardona has made a huge amount of money on the indies since leaving WWE, he will always be known as Adam Copeland’s lackey to him.

1. “I’m Drew” – Drew McIntyre, ICW

The best parody song Joe Hendry’s has ever written has to be one of his earlier offerings. The Scottish star became a huge hit in Insane Championship Wrestling with his entrance themes, and his one mocking Drew McIntyre (then Drew Galloway) is the pick of the bunch.

In a parody of Eiffel 65’s “I’m Blue”, Joe Hendry sought to help McIntyre not to be too self focused, and arrogant. He said, “I’m here to say that I think me and everyone here at ICW is concerned that you’re getting just a little bit too self-focused. So, I have prepared this piece of music to explain to you how it feels to be told how good you are time and time again.”

Joe Hendry then erupted into a parody of the iconic song. As you can imagine, each instance of “Blue” was replaced by “Drew”. The crowd sang along to the club classic, and McIntyre admitted later on that he struggled to hold in his laughter.


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