Joe Hendry: AJ Francis Took “Higher” Insults Horribly


Hamish Woodward

Joe Hendry revealed that AJ Francis was not thrilled with his latest song making fun of him.

The pair feuded over a number of months in TNA recently. Hendry wrote multiple parody songs, making fun of AJ Francis’ botched suicide dive from his time in the WWE.

The Scot’s latest offering came in the form of a parody of Creed’s “Higher”. He mocked AJ Francis being fired from WWE (twice), and his botched dive, among other things.

Joe Hendry spoke with James Sweetnum, where he was asked about his feud with AJ Francis in TNA. Hendry revealed that his feud with Francis was the “most talked about” in TNA.

“The songs that we did with AJ were a lot of fun. The time just flew by, but I think what’s really cool about that is if you look at it, it was a situation where all it was meant to be was just a one-off appearance, an in-ring interaction. The fans were so entertained by what we were doing that now AJ is one of the core roster members in the company, and dare I say, I think we had the most talked about feud in the company.”

Joe Hendry Says AJ Francis Didn’t Like The Insults, But Said He Is A Professional

As it turns out, AJ Francis was not thrilled with Joe Hendry’s songs.

The Scottish wrestler added that the TNA star took the jokes “horribly”, but that he was a professional and did the best job he could.

“AJ took that horribly, as he does with a lot of my insults, but he is a professional. When he goes through the curtain, he does the job to the best of his ability. As someone in my position, you’re always looking for people to work with, and AJ has certainly delivered on his part in his feud with me.”


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