Will Ospreay Defeats Katsuyori Shibata In A 5-Star Match On AEW Dynamite


Hamish Woodward

AEW Dynamite on March 27, 2024 kicked off with a huge rematch that was seven years in the making.

British star Will Ospreay battled his Japanese opponent Katuyori Shibata in a huge opening match for the show in Quebec, Canada.

With his match against Bryan Danielson coming in just a few weeks, he wanted to show he was good enough by beating the man who lost to “The American Dragon” just last week.

The pair previously faced off in NJPW in 2017, with Shibata picking up the victory.

Will Ospreay vs Katsuyori Shibata

Will Ospreay and Shibata engage in a gripping battle right from the start, with Shibata showing his defensive prowess by thwarting Will’s single leg takedown attempt and gaining control on the ground. Attempting to capitalize, Shibata targets Will’s arm with a cross arm breaker, but Will manages to reach the ropes, prompting a break from the referee.

The match progresses with a display of technical prowess reminiscent of British wrestling as Ospreay and Shibata engage in a series of chain wrestling exchanges. Shibata goes for his trademark PK, but Will narrowly evades it, showcasing his agility and quick reflexes.

The intensity escalates as Shibata and Will exchange stiff strikes, with Will demonstrating shades of Shibata’s own offense with a well-executed dropkick that sends Shibata reeling. Seizing the momentum, Will continues his assault, utilizing springboard maneuvers to keep Shibata off balance.

In a stunning reversal, Shibata catches Ospreay off guard with a devastating running front kick, shifting the momentum back in his favor. Demonstrating his dominance, Shibata delivers punishing suplexes on the arena floor, further wearing down his opponent with brutal strikes.

Despite Shibata’s relentless offense, Ospreay refuses to stay down, countering Shibata’s attacks with his own flurry of strikes. The back-and-forth action reaches a fever pitch as both competitors trade blows in the center of the ring, each refusing to give an inch.

In a critical moment, Ospreay manages to escape Shibata’s submission attempts, showcasing his resilience and determination. With a burst of energy, Ospreay delivers a series of devastating maneuvers, culminating in his signature Hidden Blade to secure the hard-fought victory over Shibata.

The match serves as a testament to the skill and determination of both competitors, delivering a thrilling encounter that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats until the final bell.

After the match, the pair bowed to one another. This showed their respect for each other, and was initiated by Ospreay.


What a match.

Will Ospreay continues to impress since signing for AEW. For my money, that is three 5-star matches out of three.

Nobody is on his level right now. His match with Bryan Danielson at Dynasty will be one to watch, and might be one of the greatest matches of all time.

We need to talk about Shibata though. That man is BACK!

Finally, we’re seeing performances like the ones we saw before his dreaded injury against Kazuchika Okada back in 2017. He’s finally warmed up and back on form, and we’re ready to see more fantastic matches from the former British Undisputed Heavyweight Champion.

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  • BritWrestling Rating – 5 Stars
  • Dave Meltzer’s Star Rating – 4.5
  • Cagematch Rating – 8.15


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