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Many fans of NJPW or early Being The Elite may be wondering what happened to Marty Scurll. The Villain of Bullet Club was one of the biggest and baddest up and coming stars in wrestling around the time The Elite were becoming the biggest thing in wrestling since the NWO.

The English star was one of the premier talents of the group. Ranked up there alongside WWE’s Cody Rhodes and former AEW Champion Adam Page, Marty Scurll seemed destined for greatness. Many people saw him as the biggest talent in the group, and alongside Zack Sabre Jr and Will Ospreay heralded a new era in British wrestling.

His rivalry with Will Ospreay was legendary, and spanned multiple promotions. Scurll constantly got the upper hand over his younger opponent, and the pair were on the way to having a generational feud that rivalled any and all in wrestling history.

He has not been seen on TV in years, and an inevitable deal with AEW seems to have gone up in smoke in a matter of moments. So, what happened to Marty Scurll? In this article, we’ll reveal exactly what caused his downfall from future star to wrestling pariah.

Marty Scurll Was Fired From His Job After Speaking Out

Marty Scurll was fired from his role of ROH booker and kicked out of The Elite after being accused of sexual assault during the Speaking Out movement in wrestling in 2020.

He was accused by a former pupil of his, a 16 year old aspiring wrestler who went by @mystickttn on Twitter.

The British woman wrote on her Twitter account on June 22nd, 2020 that she was fed drinks by IPW’s Dan Elder all night, getting her drunk despite being under the drinking age in public.

This took place at an IPW after party, the victim claims. She went on to write that she met Marty Scurll outside the party venue, where he tried to convince her to have sex with him back at her hotel. saying “we should go back together, let’s go back to the hotel, let’s f**k.”.

She claimed she tried to politely exit the conversation by claiming her friend had the key to her hotel room.However, she later went to retrieve the room key from said friend, despite being warned that going back with Scurll was a bad idea. She was refused the key and set off with Marty Scurll anyway “without the key”.

He walked her back to her hotel room, despite neither having access to the room. They made their way to the “independent, small hotel” and sat outside her room, unable to gain entry. Here she claims Marty Scurll “sat on a chair and got his penis out and told me to suck it. So I did.”.

Given the fact that she was only 16 and Scurll was in his early thirties, and that she had been plied with drinks all night, makes this encounter as disturbing as it is shocking. He then propositioned her to have unprotected sex and reportedly tried “to stick his unprotected penis inside me”, despite the victims repeated claims of “I’m so sorry, I’m still a virgin”.

However, Scurll seemed determined and would not take no for an answer, despite his 16 year old victim not wanting to and being in no frame of mind to consent to the awful act he was about to commit.

Luckily, her friend showed up soon after and told Marty Scurll to leave.

Luckily she avoided even more trauma, although in the same breathe she did reveal she had previously been raped by Dan Edler, the man who had been feeder her drinks all night before the encounter with Marty Scurll.

The Villain (the apt nickname Scurll chose for himself inside the Bullet Club) did issue a statement revealing his side of the events, but it was too little too late. He had become a pariah in wrestling, unbookable by the top promotions and his once-promising career now in tatters.

He lost his reported $700k a year job as the head booker for Ring of Honor, as well as any hope of signing for WWE or AEW in the future. He was also not booked again by Ring of Honor, with his sole appearance on New Japan Strong never aired after the allegations became public.

The full accusation of what happened to Marty Scurll and his victim can be read here. What happened between Marty Scurll and his victim are abhorrent and should be read only at your own risk.

He Responded To The Accusations On Social Media

The former ROH Booker responded to the accusations levied at him by the alleged victim. Speaking on social media following him being accused of sexual assault, Marty Scurll said;

“I am aware that a young woman has bravely come forward with her account of sexual abuse by some members of the wrestling community in the UK 5 years ago, a community I was a part of.” Marty Scurll said.

“Although I truly believe that our encounter that evening was consensual, and the fact that the encounter was legal; is almost not the point. I understand that she now views our encounter as part of a bigger problem within the wrestling community.”

“What concerns me at this moment is that from what I have been reading, she is a fan of wrestling and was made to feel unsafe within that community. This is not acceptable. I also understand that people have been attacking her on social media, and I implore you to please stop. She has a right to her voice and it is our responsibility to listen.”

Marty Scurll Turned Down AEW To Become The Booker For Ring Of Honor

As a long-time friend of The Elite, Marty Scurll seemed certain to join AEW once his ROH contract expired in 2020. His deal ran out after his teammates in Bullet Club and was expected to join his friends in AEW once his deal was up.

However he shocked the world. Instead of Marty Scurll signing with AEW, he signed a new deal with Ring of Honor. Worth a reported $700k a year, Scurll was made head booker of ROH and given a premier spot at the top of the company.

It was an offer AEW and WWE simply could not match and was a no-brainer for The Villain. He signed the multi-year deal, although that did not preclude future dealings with AEW. It was thought likely that he would link up with The Elite in an inter-promotional storyline, as AEW have done before with Impact Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

However, before that could happen, his alleged crimes came out and Marty Scurll’s AEW dreams were in tatters. However, he did not stay out of wrestling for long…

He Tried To Return to Wrestling After His Firing

Marty Scurll has returned to wrestling since being fired by Ring of Honor. However, he has only found success on small, regional shows and some of them have received backlash for booking The Villain to wrestle in their promotions. This had led to him making Puerto Rico a “home from home” and wrestles regularly in the promotion.

He was recently booked to appear at former WWE Superstar Santino Marella’s promotion Battle Arts. He was announced by Marella on Twitter, but the announcement has received much backlash from fans who remember the allegations against Marty Scurll in 2020.

Marty Scurll also has his own Vlog on Youtube, attempting to mirror the success he once had as part of the Being the Elite web series. His channel currently has over 20,000 subscribers and chronicles his journey in wrestling since being fired for sexual assault allegations.

Why Didn’t Marty Scurll Join AEW?

Whilst he seemed to be a shoe-in to join AEW since the beginning, there were a variety of reasons why the former ROH and NJPW wrestler did not join AEW.The first reason Marty Scurll didn’t join AEW was simply because of the timing. Whilst the rest of The Elite all ran out of their NJPW contracts on January 4th, 2019, Scurll was a little different.

He was instead signed full time to ROH who had a different structure for their deals. His contract therefore ran out the year after, meaning he would have to wait for AEW to form before he could make his long-awaited debut.Being a huge part of the group and a main star on Being the Elite, few envision Marty Scurll not joining AEW.

He was heavily rumoured to be the leader of The Dark Order before Brodie Lee ultimately snagged the role of The Exalted One. Instead of signing for AEW, he was offered a “too good to be true” deal from Ring of Honor, granting him a 7 figure salary and, most importantly, booking powers.

He was given the creative reigns for the company which was something too good to turn down. Instead of joining his friend in AEW he instead took over at ROH and tried to book the company out of despair and bring them from the bring. However, he failed to do so due to being fired for the allegations detailed above.

Those allegations are the third and final reason why Marty Scurll didn’t join AEW and while he will never set foot in the company. They won’t touch him with a barge pole and he is damaged goods. No-one in their right mind will pay to see him, and he has ruined his incredibly promising career before it really took off.

He Now Wrestles All Over The World, Out Of The Public Eye

Marty Scurll currently wrestles all over the world, most notably in the United States and in Puerto Rico. He was booked for Santino Marella’s “Battle Arts Academy” in Canada, but was removed from the show due to backlash from fans and wrestlers alike.

Indie wrestler Tony Deppen revealed that he refused to wrestle on the same show as Marty Scurll, pulling out of the BAA show due to the Englishman’s presence on the poster promoting the event. He originally thought it was a low-budget show, but after seeing Marty Scurll on the flyer decided to pull out of the show, on morality grounds.

“This has randomly been sprung on me. I was told I was working pcwa (place i got trained at) then I randomly get this as a flyer. I had no idea who was on the show (shows are normally low Budget); but after seeing the line up… yah no thanks

Marty Scurll still looks to be trying to reshape his image in wrestling. It doesn’t look like it’s going well, and hopefully he decides to step away from the business for good


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