Eddie Dennis’ favourite match was clash with Mark Andrews in Progress


Hamish Woodward

Eddie Dennis has revealed that his match against Mark Andrews at Progress’ Hello Wembley! is his favourite match.

The pair faced off in a TLC match to become the number one contender for the PROGRESS World Title. Dennis won the match, and went on to win the title a year later.

In an interview with the “Wrestling with Johners Podcast“, the former WWE star spoke about the bout with Andrews. He claimed facing him in the ladder match was the favourite match of his career, and called it “really special”.

“It’s probably as a body of work, my proudest body of work – the match at Wembley. My favourite match that I’ve done.”

“I don’t think it’d be one of Mark [Andrews]’s favourite, but it’s one of my favourite memories. For me, one of my closest friends to be one of the feature attractions of one of the biggest independent shows in England in I don’t know how many years is really special.”

“The year that we spent building the match. I’m really proud of that body of work. There were a lot of trials and tribulations as a part of it, with the turn happening in the September. We hadn’t touched, but we’d interacted a lot up until that January, when I tore my first pec.”

“I was injured, but Progress were committed to the story, so I still got to appear on shows in my sling.”

Eddie Dennis Involved Mark Andrews’ Band and Cut Promos From Hospital

Later in the interview, Dennis explained how they made the angle more original, despite his injury.

This included attacking Andrews’ band live on stage, although the angle ended in the pair reuniting to help Dennis become the World Champion.

“We furthered the story in different ways. I ended up cutting a promo on him, genuinely in the hospital as I was waking up from surgery, which was a really cool one.”

“We involved his band, I jumped his roadie on stage at one of his gigs. It was pretty cool stuff, and it to have taken a whole calendar year.”

“The story kind of lasts a whole another year, because I won a number one contender ship by beating Mark at Wembley. A year later, he rejoins me to help me beat WALTER and David Starr to win the title.

It’s kind of a two-year story, up until I win the Unified Title. Of us falling out and then coming back together, albeit as nasty bad guys. I love that story, for sure.”

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