Tyler Bate Suffered A Torn Peck Injury That Kept Him Out For Months


Hamish Woodward

Tyler Bate looks set to be out for a number of months, with his latest injury scare doing some real damage.

It was announced during the July 8th 2024 edition of WWE RAW that Bate was suffering from an injury, and would be out of action for some time.

The injury occurred on NXT last week. On the July 2nd edition of the show, Bate and his partner Pete Dunne took on Hank Walker and Tank Ledger in tag team action. Despite winning the match with a “Spiral Tap”, Tyler Bate suffered with an injury that caused visible pain to the young star.

Watching the clip, it looks like the injury occurred in one of two ways. It looks as if it occurred when he bounced off the ropes for his rebound clothesline, or when he landed on his shoulder for the Spiral Tap to end the match. After the pin fall, he struggles to lift his arm and looks in pain, making us think it was the latter.

No specifics were given, so the former United Kingdom took to Instagram to explain his absence to his fans.

Tyler Bate wrote that he tore his left pectoral major and tendon off the bone during the match. He added that surgery was successful, but he’d be gone for a long time while he heals.

“Tore my left pectoral major & tendon off the bone last week at NXT. Surgery yesterday was successful and all has been put back where it belongs. I’ll be gone for some time while I recover, try not to miss me too much. I’m in good spirits and looking forward to seeing you all again soon, lots of love, b i g s t r o n g b o i ”

This could affect Pete Dunne’s current push. He had been featured regularly alongside Bate, as part of the “New Catch Republic” duo. Luckily, Fightful Select have reported WWE still plan to use him as a singles star, so Tyler Bate’s injury won’t affect him too much.

There is currently no timeline for Tyler Bate’s return from injury. Other wrestlers have had torn pectoral muscles in the past, with John Cena having a similar injury back in 2007. He spent just shy of four months out of the ring, although some people thought he should have been out for a year.

Expect Bate to miss significant time, with a return around Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble being a real possibility.


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