Toni Storm Confirms She IS Actually British


Hamish Woodward

Fans were confused at Wembley Stadium when Toni Storm entered at All In to “God Save The King”.

It was to many’s understanding that she wasn’t actually British, and came from Australian and New Zealand parentage.

Her character, “Timeless” Toni Storm, has spoken in a British accent on numerous occasions. The gimmicks that of a “Golden Age of Hollywood” star, which explains the faux-British/US accent. However, this hasn’t stopped people questioning if Toni Storm is British.

The three-time AEW Women’s Champion was born in Auckland, before moving to the Gold Coast at the age of four. However, Toni Storm IS British! She confirmed in an interview with the Daily Star, prior to AEW All In 2023, that she is in fact British, and has family still in the UK.

“I lived in England for a really long time.” Toni Storm told the Daily Star. “It’s where I got established, it’s where I made a name for myself. I am British, I have a British family.”

As somebody with heritage from Australia, New Zealand and Britain, she brings a unique viewpoint to the world of wrestling.

She went into more detail about this during a 2017 interview with ESPN. Toni Storm spoke to the channel before the inaugural Mae Young Classic about her career and how she became a wrestler.

Storm revealed that at the age of 13, she moved to England with her Grandmother. Despite her young age, she moved to Liverpool to train as a wrestler, due to the lack of opportunities for young women in Australia.

The AEW Champion cited her time in England as invaluable to her developmental as a pro wrestler. “Without that experience I got from England, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” Toni Storm told ESPN.

Despite losing at All In last year, she will be hoping to do one better at Wembley Stadium in 2024. It is unlikely she will lose her title before then, and could face another Brit in Mariah May or Jamie Hayter.


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