Ranking Joe Hendry’s Best Matches Of His Career


Hamish Woodward

Say his name and he appears! The world has started to believe in Joe Hendry.

The Scottish wrestler has been working hard for years to become a wrestling star. His hilarious parody songs, mocking his various opponents, have made fans in ICW, WCPW and TNA howl with laughter on a regular basis.

However, Joe Hendry is actually quite good in the ring. While his mic skills are legendary, he can put on a great match when given the right opponent, in the right setting. In this post, we’ll take you through the best matches from Joe Hendry’s wrestling career.

5. vs. Kurt Angle- WCPW Refuse To Lose 2016

Joe Hendry’s battle with Kurt Angle is probably where most people first saw the young Scotsman. It was also a star making performance, one so good that Angle himself said so.

It was a fairly simple match. Hendry, an amateur wrestler himself, tested himself against the Olympic Gold Medallist. It did not go to plan, and Angle kept getting the better of him. However, Hendry was just three years in the business at this point. He showed ability beyond his years, and put on a fine match in the swansong of Angle’s career.

Was it Kurt Angle’s finest performance? Of course not. But it was a highlight in his indie tour of 2016, and showed Joe Hendry at the start of his career showing some serious potential. This will be a match in ten years time that won’t believe happened on a tiny UK indie in a bar in Newcastle.

4. Drew Galloway vs Joe Hendry – WCPW Loaded #21

Joe Hendry continues his tour of legends by facing the first British WWE Champion in history during the heyday of WCPW.

He wrestled Drew Galloway in a hard-hitting brawl on a 2017 episode of WCPW Loaded, with the promotion’s world title on the line. This was arguably Hendry’s best singles performance in the company, while Galloway continued his impressive tour of the UK following his WWE release.

The match ended with a dusty finish, and nobody could figure out who won. They both pinned each other at the same time, with multiple referees counting a different wrestler out. It was a creative ending that led to a rematch down the line, but this ending makes this one of Joe Hendry’s best matches.

3. Joe Hendry & Yuya Uemura vs The Rascalz

Probably the best match from Hendry’s TNA run so far is this tag team clash. His fun tag team with NJPW Yuya Uemura was a delight to watch, which included their custom entrance song and impressive dance number before every match.

They had an entertaining match on TNA Impact episode 1001. It was a fantastic showcase for Yuya, and Hendry played his part in one of the best tag matches in TNA in 2023.

After the match, Yuya Uemura was fired, due to the stipulation of the Feast or Fired match two weeks prior. Had Joya won, he would have kept his job, but he had to return to Japan as his excursion was coming to an end.

2. Drew Galloway vs. Joe Hendry vs. Joseph Conners – WCPW Delete WCPW

It’s rare you see a triple threat steel cage match. Logistically, you’d think it’d be a struggle to full off, and that it would be an absolute mess. However, with three fantastic talents in the ring, they managed to pull off one of Joe Hendry’s best matches.

They started fighting outside the cage, before Galloway (WWE’s Drew McIntyre) and Hendry managed to corner the cowardly WCPW Champion, Joseph Connors. They beat down on him for a while, getting back for weeks of torment by the English wrestler.

Oh, but as the nature of wrestling goes, this unholy alliance was short-lived. It descended into a three-man brawl, The bout had a unique finish too. Galloway pinned Connors, just as Hendry was climbing down the cage. His feet touched the ground just before the three count. This handed Galloway the title, much to the utter disbelief of the Local Hero.

1. Cody Rhodes vs Joe Hendry vs Gabriel Kidd – WCPW No Regrets 2017

Looking back at this match, it is crazy to see how far everybody has come. Cody Rhodes is now the WWE Champion, and the top star in the entirety of wrestling. Joe Hendry is arguably the most popular man in TNA, while a grown-up Gabe Kidd is one of the most exciting and terrifying men in NJPW.

Each man played their own part. Cody was the confident champion, as his WCWP Internet Championship was on the line. Hendry was the powerhouse of the match, using his mass to take advantage of his opponents. Meanwhile, Kidd was the young, wide-eyed star still searching for his first win in the company.

The battled in the ring, at ringside and even on the stage. Hendry looked dominant, but the high-energy offence of Kidd had the crowd on the edge of their seat. The youngster managed to roll-up Cody Rhodes to win the match, stealing a victory, much to the delight of the fans in attendance. It was a fantastic underdog story that would not have been possible without Hendry’s performance as the powerhouse heel.


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