Nigel McGuinness Had Gear Made To Wrestle At AEW All In


Hamish Woodward

Nigel McGuinness hasn’t wrestled for 13 years, but got in shape and had gear made to compete at All In last year.

The wrestling legend is one of the biggest “what if?”‘s in wrestling history. After missing out on signing for WWE due to a bicep injury, hepatitis B cost him his TNA career. He retired one year later, bitter and disappointed at how his career turned out.

It was clear from his matches in Ring of Honor that McGuinness was one of the best wrestlers in the world. His series of bouts with Bryan Danielson are some of the best matches ever. It is clear why the WWE wanted to sign him.

However, his disappointment about how his career went ended in Nigel McGuinness retiring in 2011. Unlike most in wrestling, he had stuck by his guns. He hasn’t stepped back in the ring for anything – not even when he joined WWE as a commentator in 2016.

He seems content with retirement…or at least was, until AEW ran Wembley Stadium last year. With the company putting on the biggest wrestling even in history, and in his home country of England, he had to be involved.

Of course, the Englishman was tasked with giving commentary for the show, as well as announcing the record-setting attendance to their delighted London crowd. But really, he wanted to wrestle one last match at Wembley Stadium. And that match had to be against his old foe, Bryan Danielson.

The American Dragon claimed that McGuinness was pushing for the bout last year. With Danielson missing out due to injury, that match sadly couldn’t take place.

Before the event in London last year, Nigel McGuinness Tweeted out a photo of himself. He was dressed in brand-new ring gear, and looking in incredible shape – clearly ready to step in the ring.

McGuinness heavily implied that he was meant to wrestle in the match, but wasn’t because of Bryan Danielson’s injury at the time. He was cleared just one week later, for a bout with Ricky Starks. That had to sting for the Englishman.

“In a different Universe… Proud to have been ready to go – but couldn’t be more excited to call the biggest show in British Pro Wrestling history”

With rumours that the match could take place at this year’s All In, Nigel McGuinness could get a chance to show off his new gear after all. It would be a fantastic send off for the man, 13 years after he retired for good.

While he hasn’t wrestled for a long time, do not worry. At his peak, he was an excellent wrestler, and Bryan Danielson could carry a broom to a great match. There is no worry that a final Nigel McGuinness vs Bryan Danielson would blow the half-sliding roof off Wembley Stadium at AEW All In 2024.

McGuinness has been building to this match for months, ever since joining AEW. He repeatedly calls Bryan Danielson a “Clamdigger” on commentary, a thinly-veiled insult towards the wrestling great.


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