James Ellis Joins OTT For ScrapperMania VIII


Hamish Woodward

Welsh star James Ellis has been announced as part of ScrapperMania 8 weekend this year.

The man from Swansea has been making a name for himself on the UK indie scene. Despite being early on in his career, his microphone and wrestling skills have made him one of the best young stars in the UK today.

This has earned him plaudits across the country, and a place on one of the biggest shows in Ireland this year. “The Brilliance” is set to face LJ Cleary at ScrapperMania 8, as Ellis announced on his Instagram page.

He cut a promo on Cleary, telling him to bring his best when he faces the Welshman. He also claimed he was going to “the very top” of British wrestling, and that journey continues on August 9th in Wolverhampton at ScrapperMania 8.

“LJ Cleary. OTT. Welcome to Brilliance country. For those of you who don’t know who I am, I’m James Ellis. And I’m one of the absolute best pro-wrestlers in Wales today. Now, I said at the start of 2024 that this wasn’t your introduction to me. This was the sign that I am going to the very, very top of professional wrestling.”

“So isn’t it fitting that I make my return to OTT at their biggest weekend of the year – ScrapperMania!”

“LJ. We know each other. I know that you’re the MVP of Irish wrestling. And I also know that you’ve been showing the whole world that this year. But make no mistake about it, I am not the warm -up for the Wanted Man.”

“So on August 9th in Wolverhampton, ScrapperMania – LJ Cleary vs James Ellis. Its a beautiful life, so bring your best “MVP”, because you’re going to find out why “The Brilliance” is always good as gold.”.

ScrapperMania 8 features some huge stars this year, including Nic Nemeth and “Speedball” Mike Bailey. You can buy tickets to the event here.


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