Jack Gallagher Was Fired From WWE After Speaking Out Allegation


Hamish Woodward

“Gentleman” Jack Gallagher was a star in WWE one day, and completely forgotten about the next. His run in the company ended as quickly and abruptly as it began, with the promotion refusing to ever mention him by name ever again.

While he was never a top wrestler, Jack Gallagher did find some success in the WWE. He found fame as part of the Cruiserweight Classic, and even went on to win the Cruiserweight Championship some years later.

However, he was accused of (and admitted) some awful crimes during the Speaking Out Movement, which ended his career as a full-time wrestler. This forced WWE to fire him, before even more horrible things came out about the English grappler.

Jack Gallagher Was Accused During Speaking Out

On June 19th 2020, a Twitter user called Becky accused Jack Gallagher of sexual assault at a New Years Eve house part.

She claimed that Gallagher was forcing her to drink alcholol, sat on her lap after she refused to sit on his, and even ripped her skirt my grabbing at it violently.

The Twitter post claimed that this happened in 2014, before he was signed to the WWE. After he ripped her skirt, Becky immediately left the party and went home.

She said on Twitter:

“I never thought this is something I would say publicly, but I want others to know that they never need to be ashamed and should feel like they can tell their stories. On New Years Eve of 2014 I attended a house party, and Jack Gallagher (Gentleman Jack) was there. Jack got me drunk. While I acknowledge that I am an adult and can make my own decisions, he was literally pouring straight spirits into my glass, putting it to my mouth and telling me to drink.”

“When I would make myself a drink he would add more alcohol when my glass was unattended. I thought I was in a safe environment and didn’t need to shield my glass. Jack asked me to sit on his lap, I said no. He then sat on my lap, and made advances. The entire time I expressed that I was uncomfortable, but I also didn’t want to make a scene. In hindsight I should have.”

“At the end of the evening I went to the bathroom, and Jack barged into the room. I immediately stood up and tried to pull my skirt down. Jack grabbed me, and he pulled at my skirt. He pulled so hard he ripped my skirt. I managed to push him away and I left the room, I then immediately left the party. I spent years afterwards downplaying the story, trying to not cause any issues. I’m not going to be silent any longer.”

He Admitted What He Did And Was Fired By WWE

Almost as soon as the allegations came out, WWE fired Jack Gallagher.

In a now-deleted statement on Twitter, Jack Gallagher effectively admitted to what he was accused of. While he stated he was drunk and did not remember what he did, but called his behaviour “inappropriate”.

“In 2014, at a New Year’s Eve party, I met a young woman and my behaviour towards her was inappropriate.” Jack Gallagher admitted. “As this party was nearly six years ago and I had drunk quite a large amount of alcohol that night, unfortunately, I do not recollect what happened. I wish to make it clear that drinking is not an excuse for my behaviour that night. I want to express my deepest regrets, and I am genuinely sorry for the upset that I have caused.”

He went on to reveal how he told the WWE about his behaviour. He “took responsibility” for his actions, which is at least more than most other wrestlers who were accused.

Obviously, the company had no choice but to let him go. Jack Gallagher was released immediately, on June 19th, 2020.

“Following these allegations, I proactively contacted the Head of WWE Talent Relations to take responsibility for my actions, as I was aware that the woman who made the allegations and I had both attended the same New Year’s Eve party. I was then informed that this would be a breach of the company ethics policy, and this is what lead to my release from my contract with the WWE.” He added.”

Jack Gallagher retired soon after. He hasn’t wrestled since his last WWE match in June 2020, and moved into mixed martial arts instead.

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