Gabe Kidd Thinks British Wrestling Is ‘In The Toilet’


Hamish Woodward

Gabe Kidd does not think much about British wrestling at the moment.

The Englishman came through the British indie scene. He made a name for himself in WCPW, famously beating Cody Rhodes and Joe Hendry to become their Internet Champion. However, he left the UK to join the NJPW LA Dojo in 2019, before moving to Japan and joining the Bullet Club.

Gabe Kidd recently spoke to NJPW, in the build up to the G1 Climax. He was asked about his opponent, The Great-O-Khan, and his recent dominance in the UK. The United Empire member is a former Undisputed British Heavyweight Champion, and has been picking up big wins on British soil for years.

This has not impressed Gabe Kidd. The Englishman claims that “the UK level is “in the toilet”. He cites Michael Oku as one man he is not very impressed by O-Khan beating, despite him being RevPro’s World Champion.

Kidd then warned him that he was a top level British wrestler, and the Japanese star would find out soon enough.

“Because- let’s be honest- the UK level right now is in the f***ing toilet. That’s why he was beating everyone. What, beating Michael fing Oku? What the f*** does that mean? Any of those guys, the NJPW level is way up here, and that’s why he can’t hang. He wants to talk all his talk, but England gave him a false sense of confidence. When he gets in there with me, he’ll know what a top level British wrestler is.”

Gabe Kidd: Hiroshi Tanahashi Is Scared Of Me

Gabe Kidd continued. He claimed that NJPW President Hiroshi Tanahashi is scared of him, an doesn’t want him overshadowing the other champions with his Strong Openweight Title in Japan.

“I think that Tanahashi is scared. He’s scared of me. He doesn’t want me terrorizing people on his turf. He doesn’t want me making that title the most interesting one in New Japan. So let me tell you something. F* Tanahashi. From the bottom of my heart, f* Hiroshi Tanahashi. I’ll skewer your head on a samurai sword, b*tch. You can keep pushing the narrative of Tsuji, Uemura, Umino, but I’m the future of this company and I’ll cut through every one of them. Now let’s get down to the G1 talk.”


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