Drew McIntyre Was Supposed To Win The Money In The Bank In His First Run


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Drew McIntyre revealed he was originally meant to win the 2010 Money in the Bank ladder match

The Scot was the first British wrestler to become the WWE Champion, picking up his victory over Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania in 2020. He won the belt for the second time that year, after losing it to Randy Orton in the summer.

However, his world title aspiration went back a decade before that. Drew McIntyre came so close to becoming Mr Money in the Bank in 2010. This was during his “Chosen One” phase, and could’ve been a huge moment for the Scottish wrestler.

Fans may remember that Kane won the Money in the Bank ladder match in 2010. He cashed in his contract that same night, pinning Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship later that night. This title win put Kane on a path to a rivalry with The Undertaker. Unfortunately, Drew McIntyre soon slid down the card, being released by the company just four years later.

Had the rug not been pulled from under him, the Scotsman’s career could have gone a lot, different.

Drew McIntyre Was Meant To Win Money In The Bank In 2010

Speaking to Gary Cassidy, Drew McIntyre revealed that he was told he was winning the Money in the Bank briefcase in 2010. He was the planned winner until 8pm that evening. However, at the last minute the change was made to award Kane with the briefcase.

“There’s nothing that jumps out to me as big as the stuff I heard during my first run like winning Money in the Bank one time till 8 PM, and it changed to Kane the night he beat Rey Mysterio for the title.” Drew McIntyre said.

However, McIntyre does not begrudge the WWE for making that decision.

“But also looking back and understanding why certain things were done from a business perspective.” McIntyre continued, “In WWE, things are changing all the time, as I mentioned already, every single week non-stop,”

“As frustrating as it is at the time, when things don’t happen that you really want to happen, I can look back now and say ‘my goodness, I’m glad that never happened then’ or ‘that never happened there.'”

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