Drew McIntyre: I’m Really Proud Of The Glasgow Kiss


Hamish Woodward

Upon his return to the WWE in 2017, Drew McIntyre brought with him a new look, a new attitude and a brand-new move set for the fans to get excited about.

Joining his Futureshock DDT was a new finisher, the Claymore Kick, as well as a signature move that later became known as “The Glasgow Kiss”.

Drew McIntyre’s headbutt move is called the Glasgow Kiss, named after his hometown in Scotland, United Kingdom.

The move sees Drew McIntyre launch his forehead into the face of his opponent, crashing their skulls together with a distinct “thud” that can be heard around the arena.

The Scot has used the move since his return to the WWE in 2017, and it has helped him win multiple titles in the company, including the NXT and WWE Championships.

The Glasgow Kiss is one of the most dangerous looking moves in WWE. A headbutt is always an impressive looking move, and McIntyre gets so close to his opponent that it really looks like he’s launching his skull into his opponent.

The term “Glasgow Kiss” is British slang that means a headbutt, so the move already set up to be named after McIntyre’s home city.

It refers to a particularly violent headbutt, usually during a drunken scrap (as per Glasgow’s reputation), although that is an aspect not mentioned by the WWE very often.

Drew McIntyre On The Glasgow Kiss & Inventing A New Move

It was in 2019 when Drew McIntyre first decided to name his headbutt “The Glasgow Kiss”. He added the move to his existing list of named moves, joining the Futureshock DDT and Claymore Kick to his already impressive move set.

In an interview with The Daily Record, the former WWE Champion claimed he was “proud” of naming the Glasgow Kiss after his home city, despite the negative connotations the Glasgow Kiss can bring.

In fact, McIntyre wants to add even more Scottish references into his WWE move set, having an idea for a new move named “The Highland Fling” – although he has yet to bring that move to the ring.

“I’m really proud my headbutt is known as the Glasgow Kiss.” Drew McIntyre said to The Daily Record. “Now the world knows about the Glasgow kiss. I’m working on a new one when I threw the guy across the ring. I’m thinking I might call it the Highland Fling,”

McIntyre was the first ever British WWE Champion, but regrets missing out on visiting his family more in Scotland during his run with the company, claiming he “missed everyone in Scotland”.

“I’m happy in my home life, I’ve got my wife, who is American, and we’ve been together for a long time, but I miss everybody in Scotland. I wish I got home more. All my family are still back there.”

“We communicate as often as we can but it’s not the same as seeing everybody in person. Because of Covid, it was two years since I’d seen them. It was the longest time in my life and it really sucked because I’m really close to my family.”


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