What Happened To The British Wrestlers At AEW Dynasty 2024?


Hamish Woodward

AEW Dynasty is the latest AEW PPV, and a number of British wrestlers will be featured at the show.

April 21st, 2024 saw one of the biggest PPV’s in the company’s history. British star Will Ospreay battled Bryan Danielson in one of the biggest matches in AEW history.

Meanwhile, Newcastle’s own PAC battled Kazuchika Okada for the Continental Championship, while other British stars were also featured.

Keep reading to find out what happened to Will Ospreay, PAC and more at AEW Dynasty 2024.

Anthony Ogogo Was At The Commentary For A Pre-Show Match

The first British wrestler to appear at AEW Dynasty was Anthony Ogogo. The Olympic bronze medallist took a stint on commentary to watch new teammates Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty take on Orange Cassidy and Katsuyori Shibata.

He talked up his team, but tried to get involved mid-way through the match. Ogogo threatened to hit one of his famous haymakers onto Cassidy, but was thwarted by Shibata soon after.

Ogogo returned to commentary, but it would not be for long. He was once against thwarted by Shibata when trying to interfere in the match. This was not long before the end, when a swift Orange Punch cost Shane Taylor promotions the victory.

PAC Challenged Kazuchika Okada For the Continental Championship

One of the most exciting matches on the AEW Dynasty card featured one of the UK’s top wrestlers. PAC has spent a lot of his AEW career on the sidelines, but put on an all-time performance against an all-time great in Kazuchika Okada.

The Geordie high-flyer dominated the early stretches of the match. He hadn’t lost a step, despite spending nearly a year out of the ring. He hit some huge moves on the Continental Classic, but it was his impeccable selling that impressed the St Louis crowd.

Okada got his knees up when PAC attempted his Black Arrow finisher. This led to a Rain Maker and a victory for Okada. However, this was an all-time great showing from the British star, and he proved he should be in the main event scene, and quickly.

Mariah May Helped Toni Storm Retain Her Title

Mariah May did not wrestle at AEW Dynasty. However, she did accompany Toni Storm to the ring for her match against Thunder Rosa.

May’s interference helped Storm retain her AEW Women’s Championship, although she brawled to the back with Deonna Purrazzo before the end of the bout.

Will Ospreay Had A Legendary Match With Bryan Danielson

Will Ospreay. What a man.

The Englishman put another all-time great match, although this might just be the one. When you put anybody in the ring with Bryan Danielson, you know you’re going to get a good match.

This was another level.

For 32 minutes, these two gladiators beating the hell out of each other. From educated chain wrestling, high-flying move sand neck-snapping suplexes, it had everything.

The crowd was electric throughout, and Ospreay truly cemented himself as the best wrestler in the world.

Danielson wasn’t bad either, and will go down as one of – if not the – greatest in the ring of all time.


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