Jimmy Havoc: Speaking Out, Allegations and AEW Firing


Hamish Woodward

Jimmy Havoc is a legend of British wrestling that you probably haven’t heard about for a while.

The former AEW star disappeared from our TV screens back in 202. This was after nearly two decades of toiling out on the British independent scene.

With his black hair, heavy eyeliner and penchant for gruesome, hardcore wrestling, Jimmy Havoc became one of the most recognisable names in British wrestling.

However, he has since faded into obscurity after an allegation over sexual assault came to light.

Jimmy Havoc Was Named In The Speaking Out Movement

One of the first wrestled named in the Speaking Out Movement was AEW’s Jimmy Havoc. The Englishman was accused by former partner Rebecca Crow of being physically and mentally abusive.

On June 18th, 2020, the wrestler posted on Twitter about her relationship with Jimmy Havoc. Crow detailed the abuse she suffered during the pair’s three-year relationship, and explained why she never left the abusive relationship.

She claimed he used her as a “verbal punching bag” when he was drunk, which was often. He threatened to kill himself if she didn’t do what he said, and triggered her PTSD by driving dangerously in anger.

She detailed the abuse in a long Twitter post, which you can read here.

A later post saw Crow claim that Jimmy Havoc raped a different woman whilst he was in a relationship with her. She alleged that he abused a drunk women, who repeatedly told him no when asked for sex.

Havoc allegedly ignored these please, and she feared she contracted HIV from the encounter with the Death Match legend.

You can read the full allegation on Twitter here.

Jimmy Havoc was silent on these allegations. The word soon spread throughout social media, and fans demanded for AEW to take Havoc off the roster and get him out of the company.

AEW Sent Jimmy Havoc To Rehab After The Allegations Came Out

After the Speaking Out allegations towards Jimmy Havoc came out, AEW took immediate action.

However, their first port of call was not to fire the English wrestler from his contract. This was not because he was seen as one of their big stars, nor that the company did not believe Rebecca Crow’s allegations.

Instead, they sent Havoc to rehab to help deal with the issues in his life. As detailed in Crow’s accusations, Havoc struggled with childhood trauma and alcoholism, and was helped in his treatment by AEW.

The company released a statement one day after Crow’s Twitter post. The official AEW Twitter account posted a statement on June 19th, wishing Jimmy Havoc “all the best” receiving treatment and counselling for his mental issues.

The statement read:

“We wish Jimmy Havoc all the best as he receives treatment and counseling in an effort to overcome the mental health and substance abuse challenges in his life.”

He Was Quietly Fired By AEW In August, Along With Other Talents

After completing his rehabilitation, Jimmy Havoc was not brought back onto AEW Dynamite.

Havoc was released by the company on August 13th, 2020. His exit was a quiet one, with AEW not making a big deal about releasing the man accused of some horrendous crimes.

His firing was announced the same time as Bea Priestly and Sadie Gibbs were let go. However, that pair requested their release from the company. Being stuck in the UK, the two British wrestlers could not travel to America due to the pandemic, and as such were out of work. They requested their release and went on to work elsewhere.

However, Jimmy Havoc’s career ended with AEW. After being fired, he completely disappeared from the public eye and exited the wrestling business completely.

While he could have potential gone on to wrestle for smaller British promotions, he decided on ending his career there and then. Havoc went on to become a delivery driver in Kent in England, working for DPD as a full-time job.

He has not wrestled once since leaving AEW. It would appear that he is staying out of the business for his own mental health, as well as due to a lack of opportunities available to him after the allegations slung at him during the Speaking Out movement.


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