Proof That Serena Deeb Is Married To Marty Scurll


Hamish Woodward

There have been rumblings about the supposed relationship between Marty Scurll and Serena Deeb.

During her extended absence from AEW, many fans thought she was being kept off TV as a punishment. She spent over a year away from the ring, with no signs of an injury.

Some theorised that this could be a punishment from AEW, after learning of a relationship between her and Marty Scurll.

Scurll was a former member of The Elite, and a man once touted to join AEW. He was the ROH booker and their top star in 2020 when the Speaking Out campaign saw him lose his job and be expelled from the wrestling business in 2020.

He attempted a return soon after with NJPW, but the backlash forced him back out of the mainstream once again.

Some have claimed that Deeb’s supposed relationship with Scurll was why she was off TV for so long. Of course that is nonsense, and is was a series of “scary” injuries that forced her away from AEW.

However, this unsourced claims of a relationship between Deeb and Scurll grew. And now we finally have proof of the matter.

Twitter user @ShakeNBakeMel posted a screenshot of a mortgage document on Twitter, dated the 4th January, 2021. It showed that the pair had applied for a morgage together, with the document referring to them as “Serena Deeb and Martin Scurll, Spouses Married To Each Other”.

Deeb hasn’t publicly talked about Scurll in interviews since joining AEW, and likely won’t due to the toxicity of having him involved. Given this application was months after he was fired for his role in the Speaking Out scandal, there is a good chance the pair are still together, albeit outside the public eye.

However, there is no telling if they have split up in the three years since.


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