Mick McManus vs Jackie Pallo Full Match Discovered


Hamish Woodward

The full match of Mick McManus vs Jackie Pallo has been discovered.

The bout took place before the FA Cup Final in 1962. 20 million people were purported to have watched the match, making it one of the most watched wrestling matches off time. 20 million was nearly half the population of England at the time.

It pitted one of the top heels of all time, Mick McManus, against the fan-favourite Jackie Pallo on a Saturday afternoon.

According to the WrestlingHeritage, the match was recently found in a yet-unrevealed location. Speculators believe it was found in somebodies attic, who purchased the tapes from ITV years ago.

It revealed that clips of the match will be shown on an BBC Documentary. It was episode six of the ten-part Timeshift series. The episode of the wrestling was titled When Wrestling was Golden: Grapples, Grunts and Grannies”.

In their press release, WrestlingHeritage.com wrote:

“Throughout 2012, Wrestling Heritage has been sharing its extensive resources with BBC 4 with the sole aim of producing a television documentary that faithfully records the development of professional wrestling in Britain to the point that, through the sixties, it was the most popular indoor spectator sport in the country.”

“Many of you will have seen documentaries and news items in recent years that consider only the later period that already constituted the decline of British wrestling. We are proud to have made this important impact time-wise.”

“Transmission of “Timeshift: Wrestling” is still some weeks away, but the hour-long documentary promises to be the most informative and comprehensive British Wrestling documentary yet made.”

“We are now at liberty to preview some of the show’s content with our loyal Members so that you can be sure to be ready with your recorders and book the big screen at home, in case you need to consign other family members to the portable under the stairs.”

“The big news is that the tireless researchers at the BBC managed to track down the entire film of the 1962 epic between Jackie Pallo and Mick McManus. As a result, their long-running feud is covered in some detail and a major parallel feature will appear on Wrestling Heritage.”

“A new controversial double-cross is disclosed. One of the popular mystery topics on the Talk Wrestling forum that has been on the go all year will enjoy some major new input.”

“There are interviews with celebrity fans, authors, promoters and popular sixties and seventies wrestlers including Johnny Kincaid and Adrian Street, as well as an appearance by Kendo Nagasaki.”

“Let us state at the outset our respect and thanks to the programme’s indefatiguable director who quickly became hooked, then knowledgable, then intrigued and as curious as many of us to explore wrestling’s mysteries.”

“We won’t spoil your fun by telling you any more for now, but watch this space for further developments and picture previews, and all the news and reaction to this important event in the world of your Wrestling Heritage.”

You can watch the full documentary with clips from Jackie Pallo vs Mick McManus down below:


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