Mark Andrews Suffers Injury In Slammasters Wrestling Main Event


Hamish Woodward

Welsh star Mark Andrews suffered an injury in the main event of Slammasters Wrestling in Cardiff tonight

The former WWE star faced off with Slammasters Wrestling Champion Martyn Grant in the main eveng of “Back at the Banking Hall Part VI”.

With the title on the line, Mandrews but everything he had into the bout. Sadly it cost him.

While still in the middle of the match, Andrews fell to the ground, seemingly out of nowhere. He rolled to the outside, before throwing up an “X” with his arms to the referee.

The bell was rung, and the match was immediately ended as a no contest. Security helped carry the Subculture member to the back as the Cardiff crowd changed Mark Andrews name.

Luckily, the fine folk at Slammasters Wrestling did not send the crowd home on a bad note. AEW Star Danhausen returned to the ring, following his fun victory over James Ellis earlier that night.

He aannounced that the show would not end like that. However he said that he was too tired to wrestle, and fans were treated to a James Ellis vs Man Like Dereiss bout.

Man Like Dereiss won the match and sent the crowd home happy after a fantastic show in Cardiff, Wales.


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