Man Like Dereiss Wrestled Vanessa Feltz In Bizarre Match On Channel 4


Hamish Woodward

British wrestler Man Like Deriess was featured in a hue match on Channel 4 this week. However, it was not exactly what you would expect.

The rapping wrestler was a part of the Kamikaze Pro event last night. He defeated Nate Riley in the middle of the card, but that match was not his biggest of the night.

TV and radio presenter Vanessa Feltz was at ringside for the event. She was commentating on the bouts, as part of the Channel 4 show “Late Night Lycett”.

This is hosted by Joe Lycett, and mixed sketches and interviews to a mixed reception.

After not being impressed by her commentary, Man Like Dereiss invited Feltz into the ring following the main event. The bell rang, and the pair were put into a real wrestling match.

Wearing a feathered pink jacket and a matching cowboy hat, she did not look a match for the former Slammasters Champion.

However, Feltz quickly took control of the match. She used punches and kicks to take down the younger wrestler. At 62-years-old, she used all of her experience in her first ever match, and was in control of the bout as they switched back to the studio.

After a break, they returned to the action. Feltz had stripped herself of her gaudy coat, and was locked in a full nelson submission move.

She quickly got out of the hold, before hitting Man Like Dereiss with a huge shot to the testicles. She pinned her opponent, as Vanessa Feltz defeated Man Like Deriess in the main event of Kamikaze Pro Live 45.

The company spoke about the event on Twitter, posting photos of the match featuring the TV star.

They wrote that Channel stayed for over an hour after the show was over to film the segment for the late-night show. They also revealed that the crowd was too loud for the TV cameras, and had to be told to calm down between takes.

“They watched Kamikaze Pro Live 45 and stayed over an hour and a half after it finished for the TV segments. The producers actually had to get us to tell the crowd to be a bit quieter as they couldn’t hear each other. Thanks everyone. What a night”

You can watch the full episode of Late Night Lycett on All4 here.


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