James Ellis: How I Became A Wrestler


Hamish Woodward

Welsh wrestler James Ellis is one of the top young prospects in the UK.

“The Brilliance” recently wrestled in one of the biggest matches of his career. He faced former WWE stars Mark Andrews and Lio Rush at Slammaster Wrestling in Cardiff, before his actions cost Man Like Dereiss the promotion’s world championship.

James Ellis spoke with The Soul Sessions, discussing how he first got into professional wrestling. “The Brilliance” noted that he got back into the sport during university, with the WWE Network inspiring him to become a wrestler.

He sought the advice of fellow Welshman Flash Morgan Webster on how to start. While he was told to join Dragon Pro, he went to a local school that was not the best for his development.

“It’s quite a weird story actually. I was one of those classic, like, I was interested in it when I was around, you know, the ages like five to around 12, and then it became not for me anymore as I got older. I was like, ‘I’m not interested anymore.’ And, I went to UNI down in Swansea, and for some reason, one day, I randomly did well on an assignment. And then, I was like, ‘I’ll get the WWE Network, actually,’ you know, because I’d seen it floating around. And, from that point onwards, I was pretty hooked back into it again.”

“Actually, I emailed them. I certainly emailed Flash Morgan Webster’s office, booked an email asking him where in Wales was best to train, and I was suggested to Dragon Pro. And at the time, with money and stuff, let’s put it this way, I just couldn’t do it at that time. So, I ended up starting in a place closer to where I lived, which wasn’t the best, let’s put it that way. It wasn’t the best start you could have had. They, you know, they taught the basics, but, and they put me in the ring probably a lot sooner than I should have been, but that’s what kicked it all off. And this was around 2019, I started training, and I was in the ring by, I’d say, I think I started in February. I was in the ring by July.”

“So, we’ve just been, trying to sort of capitalize on the opportunities I’ve been given since then. And, over the last year, it’s been paying off, but it’s just had to take a lot of hard work. And, I own the name ‘Good as Gold.’ I own the name ‘The Brilliance,’ because I do work hard for it. I do work hard, and I just understand, I’ve understood when it was time to start a new chapter. And at the moment, I’m really, really, really enjoying it.”

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