Welcome to the British Wrestling Hall of Fame!

Here at Britwrestling.co.uk, we want to celebrate everything to do with British Wrestling! One of the best ways to do that is to create our very own “British Wrestling Hall of Fame”!

Similar to the WWE Hall of Fame, or Premier League Hall of Fame, this will be the place to honour some of most important names in the sport in the UK.

This includes wrestlers, promoters and managers, as well as anybody else who had a hand in making professional wrestling a force in this country and abroad!

This will include wrestlers from the UK, as well as foreign superstars who were crucial in making the sport huge in Great Britain over the past century of more.

If there’s anybody you think deserves to be included, leave a comment down below and we’ll be sure to get them included in the near future.

Without further ado, we introduce the firsr inductee into the British Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Welcome to the BritWrestling Hall of Fame, where we celebrate the legends and icons of British wrestling. This prestigious hall of fame honours the remarkable careers and lasting legacies of the wrestlers who have left an indelible mark on the British wrestling scene.

From trailblazers who paved the way for future generations to modern-day champions, each inductee has contributed to the rich tapestry of British wrestling history. Join us as we pay tribute to these extraordinary athletes and relive their greatest moments in the ring.

Davey Boy Smith is one of the most beloved wrestlers in WWE history. Whether on his own or alongside Dynamite Kid as The British Bulldogs, he wowed fans with wrestling skills that were years ahead of his time.

His crowning glory was at Summerslam 1992. Davey Boy Smith defeated Bret Hart in a five-star classic to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship at a packed Wembley Stadium. Davey Boy Smith was better known as “The British Bulldog” throughout his career.

Achievements: WWE International Championship, WWE European Championship, WWE Tag Team Championship, WWE Hall of Fame, PWI Match of the Year (1992),

Discover why Davey Boy Smith is in the Brit Wrestling Hall of Fame!


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