Anthony Ogogo Reveals Inspiration Behind ‘Guv’nor’ Gimmick


Hamish Woodward

Anthony Ogogo has explained how he came up with his AEW gimmick.

The English wrestler signed with AEW in 2019, becoming one of the company’s first international stars. His career on AEW Dynamite did not get off to a good start, as he suffered defeat to Cody Rhodes in a feud that, while ending racism, made everyone involved look a bit stupid.

He has since returned to the company in 2024 after a hiatus, joining Shane Taylor Promotions. As “The Guv’nor”, Anthony Ogogo looks set to be one of the most feared enforcers in wrestling today.

Anthony Ogogo recently appeared on the BBC game show “Pointless Celebrities“. He spoke with host Alexander Armstrong about his “Guv’nor” gimmick, and how he came up with the idea.

He revealed that he was inspired by English boxer Lenny McLean, who created the name. Ogogo also cited Paul Ince as an inspiration for the gimmick.

“The Guv’nor. It’s my creation. I needed something really British, being over in America. Very hard man. Very no-nonsense. So Lenny McLean, who was like a gangster back in the 1960s, 1970s, created ‘The Guv’nor’. Then Paul Ince (former Manchester United and Liverpool footballer) took it. He was a very hard man, no-nonsense footballer. There’s the great picture of him with the headband, and the blood. And I thought, it kind of fits. I’m the Guv’nor!”

Anthony Ogogo recently wrestled in the UK as part of Progress Wrestling. The former was supposed to team with footballer Adebayo Akinfenwa, but that match was cancelled at the last minute.


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