Luke Jacobs: Winning Progress World Title Would Be The Biggest Moment Of My Career


Hamish Woodward

Luke Jacobs wants to be a champion that Progress can be proud of.

Jacobs recently beat out 15 other men to become the Super Strong Style 16 winner. With this victory, he earned a match with Kid Lykos, with the Progress World Championship on the line at a later date.

He spoke with Progress recently, following his SSS16 victory. Luke Jacobs said that beating Kid Lykos to become world champion would be the biggest moment of his career so far.

The Englishman added that he wants to give the company “a champion it can be proud of”. He called out Kid Lykos as somebody not worthy of being the titleholder, as he builds up to the match between the pair in the future.

“I won’t reveal too much but going into this match my confidence is unrivalled and physically I feel great, I’m quicker and more explosive than I’ve ever been. Winning the PROGRESS Wrestling Men’s World Championship and becoming the face of PROGRESS Wrestling would be the biggest achievement of my career so far, something I’ve dreamed of for many years. I have a lot of big goals in wrestling, and the PROGRESS Wrestling Men’s World Championship has always been one of them.”

“[When asked about his plans after becoming champion] Giving the company a real World Champion it can be proud of. I’m gonna take the company to new heights and show everyone a new PROGRESS Wrestling with a new face at the front of it. Someone who’s not just in it for the benefit of themselves, like Kid Lykos, but for the benefit of pro wrestling. I’ll stop at nothing to get that title. There will be a new wave of violence in PROGRESS when people start to try and take it from me. You want your punk rock pro wrestling? Here I am.”


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